Nappturally U photo shoot

Nappturally U's Loc Extensions are HANDMADE using our unique meticulous process assuring a strong long lasting hold.

Our Loc Extensions are NOT

  • Wrapped

  • Faux

  • Silky Dreads

  • Threaded

  • Glued (no bonding agents)

  • Braided on the inside

Permanent Loc Extensions allows you to bypass the locking phase which can take years. There has been a lot of controversy regarding this topic as people say:

Your cheating
Do the work
Go through the process
Locs are not fashion


Regardless of  your personal reason, Loc Extensions will give you a natural look and we will be here to make sure your Locs stay HEALTHY & HAPPY!



The price listed includes the installation cost. However if loose hair is longer then 4 inches, installation cost will be additional.

Further details about installation can be discussed during consultation. i.e. Size desired, bringing your own Locs or already Loc'd hair etc.


  6" ~ $950
  8" ~ $1050
  10" ~ $1150
  12" ~ $1350
  14" ~ $1550

Determine your length.



  • The initial consultation is required via email containing pics of your hair in it's natural state and your desired length of extensions. Also include any scalp or hair issues that you may have (thinning, breakage, dandruff etc)

  • ALL in person consultations will ONLY be done 1 - 2 months prior to your installation to get a feel for the thickness and texture of your hair.

  • A 50% non refundable deposit is REQUIRED to lock in the date given to you. The remaining balance is due upon completion, NO REFUNDS.

  • For an average set, we make between 85-100 Locs. The standard size we make is the size of a Phillips head screw driver.

  • Loc maintenance service and styling fees are not included in the installation cost. These services are an additional cost and are recommended after installation, but not required.

  • You can reschedule your appointment if necessary however there are NO REFUNDS for deposits. If you are not completely satisfied upon completion of your Loc Extensions Nappturally U will make every effort to correct any issues.

  • Upon installation please do not bring any additional guest.

  • Please keep in mind that every stylist has their own technique of doing Loc Extensions. We understand that photos may be sent/shown to give an idea of how you may desire your extensions to be however, please keep in mind that "your" hair is not someone else's hair.  There are a lot of factors that play a part in the final outcome of your Loc Extensions. Some of those factors will include texture, thickness or thinness of your hair, the health of your edges, the size of your head and the length of your neck. Your Loc Extension outcome will depend solely on these factors and not a photo.

  • Loc Extensions are ONLY done on loose natural hair OR already fully matured Loc’d hair. The hair cannot be in the budding phase because it has not reached its full potential in size. Therefore it has to be fully Loc’d in order to receive the most accurate size of Loc extension.

    We do not install extensions on permed hair. Every stylist is different, but Nappturally U will not install them on permed hair

  • If you’ve had loose natural hair for years and have never gotten a trim, please do so. Not doing so will affect the attachment point where the extension is installed.


  • Payment Options: Cash, Money Order, Google Pay, Apple Pay or Zelle


Thank you, we look forward to starting this Loc journey with you!